Presents, gifts 
  1. StParty Tipsart Planning Early!
    Get your invitations, banners, cups, tableware and favors ahead of time, so you don’t miss out on that favorite party theme. Also, early planning ensures you will have time to make sure your cake matches your party goods. 
  2. Tired of the standard birthday theme parties?
    Create a theme out of the birthday boy or girl’s hobby. If they like to sing set up a Karaoke theme party. They can sing to their favorite tunes and favors can be candy microphones as an award for the best performance.
  3. Entertain everyone!
    Need to make sure your younger guests are kept entertained, make sure you have large, fat, washable crayons and a large roll of white paper for doodling. This will give the younger guests a nice clean creative outlet. Also, a fabric tunnel and tent to crawl through, walk through, or run through will keep toddlers busy.
  4. Turn your party activity into the party favor.
    Disposable party cameras, t-shirts, and puzzle sets can all be done at the party, and the guests can take them home as the favor to remind them of this special day.
  5. Have a Pumpkin Party!
    Have your guest create their own perfect jack-o-lantern. Give out prize bags of gooey candy to the winners. Put candles inside all the jack-o-lanterns and place them in your yard or door step. You’ve now lit up the night with this spine-tingling fun for all the trick-or-treaters to arrive.
  6. Having a special theme/costume party?
    Make sure you have extra props at the door for any guests that don't arrive at the party in costume. An eye patch, a crown, a mask or  a sword will have them ready to join the fun in no time.
  7. More than just food.
    Kids and adults will get a chill when you serve creepy, but great tasting food at your party. Close your eyes and eat spaghetti and you’re sure to get some great reactions. Cocktails with fake bugs in them, gummy worms on your sandwich and cupcakes with red dripping frosting are just a few of the great freaky foods that are sure to create a tradition in your Halloween party recipes.
  8. Decorate with Balloons!
    Balloons are one of the easiest and most economical ways to make your party festive and fun. With bright color and innovative designs and themes in both latex and mylar balloons you can’t go wrong with this classic party decoration.